Tradetron Algo API

Tradetron allows you to generate signals from outside tools (your custom code, Amibroker, MT4, Tradingview, etc) and control the strategy you create at Tradetron. This allows you to use the power of the marketplace, price execution, tranching, position management all from Tradetron but the signal of whether the trade should be taken or not will be controlled by the API link.

We have written a blog with AFL code and example which you can see here –

To configure your strategy with an API, there is a fixed one time charge which you can pay here ( To know about the one-time charges, please write an email to [email protected] with your request and we will evaluate and let you know.

Once done, send us the details of the strategy you wish to configure and we will assist you in generating the token and setting it up for you.

Please contact us on [email protected] if any of the above is confusing and you need further clarification.