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At PROFITMART, we believe trading knowledge combined with advanced technical trading tools will be a boon for every trader. That’s why Profitmart best stock broker in India and partnered with Reliable Software India Pvt. Ltd. to bring you the FoxTrader trading software. Analyze markets with multiple charting tools, backtest strategies, and experience effortless one-touch trading technology.

As a promotional offer, you will get 7 days Free Trial to use FoxTrader. Install FoxTrader by downloading FoxTrader.ProfitMart setup. Follow the self-explanatory installation steps. Fill up the registration form and send it. On successful validation, FoxTrader is ready to go.


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FoxTrader.Profitmart Glimpse

Build, Fine Tune a trading system without writing a single line of code.

Ready to use Standard Indicators (300+), Mathematical Line Indicators (60+), Ready Conditions (30+), Ready Signals (40+), Generic Conditions (40+), Generic Signals (25+) and Strategy Testing (40+) to build robust trading system.

Single application with Advance Charting, Capable Trading System with Manual and Automated trading.

Ready to place Manual/Semi/Full Algo orders with required trading etiquettes.

Stock market Simulator for all segments.

Virtual trading is possible without involving actual risk. Strategy live testing is available in all segments.

Clean and dependable Price, Volume, OI Live and Historical adjusted data.

Clean and correct data is our USP

Multiple Scanners with multiple time frame analysis.

With new trend, trading needs multiple time frame confirmation.

Razor Sharp Analysis.

Monitor market activities thru Watches, Market/Volume Profile, Live updating scanners.

Be a Mentor.

Run advisory using Mentorship Module

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Profitmart FoxTrader Platform Demo (English)