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      In India, retail investors face a “problem of plenty” when it comes to selecting best stock broker in India. There are several financial companies that offer financial services, especially stock trading aimed at capturing larger pie of India’s growing equity markets. These companies offer several services including trading platform at affordable prices.

      Yet, the retail investors search for the online trading company in India – continues unabated. Investors search, in general and retail investors in particular, ends here at ProfitMart, which besides being the Best stock Broker in India, offers several services to investors at competitive prices. It is among the best Online trading Companies due to the excellent order and trade execution capability provided through online platform. It ensures to bring the very best of the technology, research, access and ease of trading in equity as well as in other investment avenues.

      In its endurance to serve clients with best options, ProfitMart is working tirelessly to enhance online trading platform while committing itself to lowering the cost of investing for its clients. Work is in progress for providing best services and developing tools to help investors achieve their financial goals.

      ProfitMart has proved its mettle in this highly competitive market of Share broker in India by becoming a preferred Online trading Company in a span of ten years. It has managed to carve a niche among other stock broker companies by offering excellent services to its clients at competitive price and through the relentless efforts of putting technology at the forefront.

      ProfitMart has also emerged as the best discount broker in India. As we know the discount broker offer a flat brokerage rate for every trade that their client makes, and it does not depend on the size of the trades. However, the ProfitMart doesn’t fit in “me too” category, but offers brokerage plans to suit its client as well as matching with the peer group. Topping up its services with best technology support, the client is offered an array of investment products at a click of a button. An investor can choose equity, commodity or currency product that matches with risk investment profile.

      Check the Video to Know More about Profitmart – The Best Stock Broker in India


      Profitmart is a professionally managed leading broking house, making a difference through innovative product offering, personalized service and cutting-edge technology.

      Profitmart recognizes the need for support to grow your business, thus it provides business development support, product training, client acquisition support, client interaction sessions and seminars. It also offers you tools to monitor business reports, which helps to generate more business from your client base.

      Partner now and be part of our GROWTH.

      Profitmart is the Best Discount Broker in India with Personalized Services

      ProfitMart has emerged as one of the best Discount broker in India for the related services offered, thanks to its innovative and the disruptive strategy that is built on strong technology usage as also ensuring seamless experience to its clients while using the online trading platform.

      It has built a digital console that guides its client on how to open demat account, making it a less laborious and easy to understand the entire process.

      Profitmart offers life time annual maintenance charges and also, the possibility of the reversal of brokerage as well as other exclusive benefits. An investor can begin trading within 15 minutes of opening the demat account. The entire process carried out digitally, through paperless KYC and on simplified platform.

      An individual can become a sub broker of ProfitMart by following 5 easy steps. He or she will get a call from the help-desk on dropping a request. The next step is to provide required documents along with the cheque for registration fees. The process ends with generation of sub-broker code. This triggers commencement of business association and follow-on support from ProfitMart.

      As we know, technology is a very essence of Online trading in share market, and ProfitMart ensures that its clients served nothing less than best technology. It does understand the importance of timely execution of trade and hence efforts are made to provide best technology. Several other tools are made available such as learning & education, charting, etc to help investors take decision.

      To simplify each process and timely execution, ProfitMart works relentlessly in updating technology and heavily relies on digitisation. In fact, ProfitMart has integrated several services on its digital platform for the benefit of investors and make their online trading experience worthwhile.


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      I am investing from last few months and really feel blessed to use Profitmart. Their sales and support team is really awesome. They are always ready to help!

      CA Hemant Shah, Pune

      Wow Profitmart, I really going to recommend all people to start trading and investment with Profitmart. they are really very helpful for trader like me which love option trading .

      Mehul Dougall, Pune

      The software platform is excellent including back office.The services offered are also satisfactory.

      Mrs.Jyoti Milan Kumar, Delhi

      Great Team! The support team is very co-operative & spontaneous

      in handling queries.

      Rathish Kumar T, Chennai

      I’ve transformed myself from a housewife to an active investor. It’s been a wonderful journey with Profitmart. I am very thankful to them.

      Smitha Srinivasa, Bangalore

      Accessibility, back office reports, and call trade facilities are all easy. Everything is seamless and their staff is great. Placing an order is always easy with Profitmart.

      Venkata Ramana, Vizag

      Venkata Ramana, Vizag
      Mehul Dougall, Pune

      Why Choose Profitmart as the Best Share Broker in India?

      Investors these days are enticed to trade in equities using online trading platform from the comfort of their home or even while traveling to their workplace. Technological innovations are playing bigger role in helping best share brokers in India, such as ProfitMart to serve their clients. The primary objective of online trading platform is to enable Stock traders to delve into investing activity at ease besides helping them use effective tools while keeping the track of their investment.

      It is well known fact that Stock traders choose an online trading platform offering host of services, providing preliminary education about stocks trading, to aligning their investment goals through building portfolio. Many of the above-mentioned factors are directly linked with the Stock traders profile, whether he or she is a fresh trader or beginner, experienced or an expert. Accordingly, he or she will receive a support from the best brokerage firm.

      ProfitMart being a top share broker in India, is committed to offer best online trading services to its clients. It ensures that the best in class services are available for its clients. Technology plays a bigger role in smooth functioning of the trading platform and seamless execution of trade as well. Strong back support from excellent technology team and the arrangement for quick response to a query, has helped ProfitMart to be top choice among investors as well as Stock traders.

      The advent of technology-based tools and its effective usage has gathered importance given the effective outcome, which is a key component of successful Online trading in stock market. Trading in stocks or for that matter any other securities has become very simple. An investor or Stock trader can buy or sell securities online. Even a fund transfer is done digitally.

      ProfitMart offers several services that makes online trading activity very effective. Be it Trading account opening or Demat account opening, it offers best in class services to its clients. As we know, technology is a very essence of online trading in stock market, and ProfitMart ensures that its clients served nothing less than best technology.

      It does understand the importance of timely execution of trade and hence efforts are made to provide best technology. Several other tools are made available such as learning & education, charting, etc to help investors take decision. There are several services made available for the benefit of investors and make their online trading experience worthwhile.


      Trade with our best in class platforms for smooth and trouble free execution. Keep the market on your finger-tips, Experience the Power Platform for advanced traders.

      • Super-fast trading execution with 1-second rate refresh
      • Advanced charting tools
      • Trade guide signal
      • Real time charts with historical data
      • Instant news notifications on stocks and markets.

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      FAQs about Best Stock Broker in India

      Q- Who is the best stock broker in India?

      India’s resurgence stock market activity owes to combination of economic prosperity and various functionaries present in the system who have ensured hassle free participation to every individual. Stock brokers such as ProfitMart are at the forefront to enable even a small investor seize the opportunity offered by favourable changes brought in by the regulators and the government. Technology based environment are leading the changes in businesses and delivering technology based, efficient Digital platform is at the core of ProfitMart.

      Q- How should I find the best brokerage firm in India?

      Several Broking units have mushroomed in the recent times through combination of cost effective. Selecting a best brokerage among these is a task, but one can select a right option through vetting certain parameters, such as the technology, skill set etc. ProfitMart is one of the best discount brokerages to package all the services effectively as well as economically.

      Q- How much return can I expect on the invested stocks?

      A properly researched and analysed stock can yield astronomical returns. However, proper stock selection and determining entry/exit is a skill nurtured over a period.

      Download our ProfitMax Mobile App
      NOTE: We have discontinued the old app with immediate effect.
      Download our ProfitMax Mobile App
      NOTE: We have discontinued the old app with immediate effect.