Fund Transfer

Profitmart offers multiple Funds Transfer options to suit the various customer needs and convenience. Funds Transfer can broadly be classified as PAY-IN (Fund transfer from the customer account to Profitmart). PAY-OUT (Fund transfer from the Profitmart to customer account)

Make UPI Payment

Transfer Funds instantly using UPI payment method


Instant payment gateway
You can transfer funds directly from the trading platform (NEST / Mobi) using the instant* payment gateway facility. We have about 40 banks (listed below) which is supported for Instant transfer facilities.

You can also send money to us through NEFT or RTGS or IMPS facility provided by your bank without any proof and without any charges. Please find the ProfitMart Account details for adding funds in your account.

bank details

Investors are requested to note that Stock broker Profitmart Securities Private Limited is permitted to receive/pay money from/to investors through designated bank accounts only named as client bank accounts. Stock broker Profitmart Securities Private Limited is also required to disclose this client’s bank accounts to Stock Exchange. Hence, you are requested to use the following client bank accounts only for the purpose of dealings in your trading account with us. The details of these client bank accounts are also displayed by Stock Exchanges on their website under “Know/ Locate your Stock Broker.

No. Name of the Bank Account Number Account Type IFSC Code
1 Axis 916020011391162 Current Account UTIB0000004
2 Axis 916020011271592 Current Account UTIB0000004
3 Axis 922020049391625 Current Account UTIB0000004
4 Axis 916020012824300 Current Account UTIB0000004
5 Axis 921020040525035 Current Account UTIB0000004
6 Axis 916020011398833 Current Account UTIB0000004
7 HDFC 15770340018423 Current Account HDFC0000060
8 HDFC 15770340018467 Current Account HDFC0000060
9 ICICI 074005001201 Current Account ICIC0000740
10 IDFC 10057972806 Current Account IDFB0040101
11 SBI 36759137129 Current Account SBIN0000516

Bank Details

Account Number
Your Beneficiary Account Number
Proof Not Required

Fund Payout

Procedure for withdrawing money from your Trading Account

Please login to our Trading Application and go to the payout tab to place a payout request

  1. PAY-OUT TIMING Monday to Friday.
  2. Pay-Out PLACED BEFORE 2:00 PM will process on the same day and after 2:00 PM it will be processed the next day.
  3. Please note Pay-Out will not be processed on SATURDAY, SUNDAY, AND HOLIDAYS.
  4. You will get SMS CONFIRMATION once the amount is processed.

For further queries you can call us on 020 49119119 or mail us to [email protected]