Running a business successfully is a difficult task that needs vision, hard work and most importantly ability to hold the ground, even as things are going against the plan. In short, starting a business is not a fairytale. However, there are opportunities available that can help the small companies and their owners to mysteriously achieve, accomplish their objective quite successfully and effectively. Welcome to the world of sub-brokers.
Let’s understand this phenomenon and related intricacies of this business.

A ‘Sub-Broker’ is any individual who isn’t a Trading Member of a Stock Exchange, yet who does a lot of follows up for the benefit of a Trading Member as a specialist or, in any case, for helping investors in managing securities through such Trading Members.

Become a Sub Broker Online

Now, let’s understand how to become a sub-broker. It’s a first step, but not too complicated one. An individual, who is interested in becoming a sub-broker, should approach a broking firm to be able to offer services, and it takes almost no time.
Profitmart provides best option to become a sub-broker. We are the fastest growing broking company in sub broker vertical providing excellent earning and career opportunities.

Requirements to Become Sub Broker

  • You will require a base capability of 10+2 or HSC.
  • Excellent working information on the financial sectors, including equity is best.
  • You may likewise need to know somewhat about the working of the economy and governmental issues since this will influence the manner in which securities exchanges operate.
  • Another thing to note about how to become an authorized person is incredible communication skills. You should be ready to speak with your customers effectively, about their investment options.
  • If your qualification is under 10+2, you may need to submit evidence of an experience certificate. You will require the insight into any event two years as a worker/vendor in the capital market.

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    What is a Sub Broker Franchise?

    Profitmart Broking’s Sub Broker business has been in operations for quite a while and has constructed a solid position in the market. We will assist you with settling on the correct choice in our sub-broker franchise business. We have gained high credibility through individuals’ trust and value in our administrations and products. This credibility reaches out to you when you join hands with us. A partnership doesn’t simply convey the sponsorship financial service company yet additionally the guidance of a friend and the counsel of a coach.

    How much can a Sub Broker or Authorized Person Earn?

    Profitmart is a professionally best discount broker in India, making a difference through innovative product offering, personalized service and cutting-edge technology.
    Profitmart recognizes the need for support to grow sub-broker’s business, thus it provides business development support, product training, client acquisition support, client interaction sessions and seminars. It also offers Sub-brokers tools to monitor business reports, which helps to generate more business from their client base. Partner now and be part of our GROWTH.

    Check the Video to Know More About How to Become Sub Broker with Profitmart

    The Benefit of Becoming a Profitmart Authorized Person?

    The financial markets will extend impressively in the years to come, making it more alluring for investors. Advantages of being a profitmart sub-broker can be significant indeed. There are numerous advantages of being a profitmart authorized person. Here are some of them:

    Reputed Brand

    Profitmart is one of the leading award winning broker. We have been well recognized by various institutions for our business excellence.

    Help with Marketing and Technology

    Profitmart Broking’s digital marketing focus on different activities that will assist you with creating customer leads and assist in customer acquisition. It has been intended to keep the client at the focal point of the servicing strategy.

    Help with Marketing and Technology

    Profitmart Broking’s digital marketing focus on different activities that will assist you with creating customer leads and assist in customer acquisition. It has been intended to keep the client at the focal point of the servicing strategy.

    Career Growth

    We will take your career on a high path the moment you decide to become a Profitmart partner as there is no limit to growth.


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    FAQs about Becoming a Sub Broker

    Q- How much a sub broker can earn?

    Sub broker plays an important role in increasing client base for the equity stock brokerage. The benefit accrued to sub broker is directly related to number of clients added and the percentage of the total turnover. It can vary from broker to broker. ProfitMart assures maximum benefits shared with the sub broker to encourage increased participation.

    Q- What is the criteria for becoming a sub broker?

    A ‘Sub-Broker’ who tries to bridge the gap between an individual trader and a Trading Member of a Stock Exchange need to acquire specific skill set to work effectively.
    The person needs to be adequately qualified to understand market dynamics, state of the economy, key factors and sectors in the economy, government as well as financial market regulatory policies, and other related aspects in order to help investors to understand intricacies in securities trading/investing activity. ProfitMart encourages its associates or sub-broker in every aspects of operations to strengthen the client relationship.