Remember this when you invest

Whenever spoken of investments there are two thoughts that come in our mind one is how safe is it? And the second is How much returns will it provide? The thing that we generally forget to consider, the most important factor that affects both these questions is the, TERM OF INVESTMENT. We’ve seen that the best fruits come only when it’s the right season, for a mango tree to give mangoes one has to wait for 10 years, so why do we forget these daily life similarities when it comes to investments? Unless you let the sown seeds get adequate water, sun, wind and let it see all the seasons, you definitely cannot expect the best fruit. There will be good and bad both seasons but with time it will stabilize to give you that fruit. Unfortunately, our heart beat rises whenever we even hear of slightest dip in the mutual funds market and the reaction is “Doob gaya paisa!” and sadly due to the haste of people to getting money out of mutual funds as soon as there is a fall in the market, the trust in investing in mutual funds is long lost.

Nevertheless we still believe that with the increasing interest of people into investing and them being curious to know about the same, Best discount broker in India Profitmart can provide you not only the solutions but also some tips to have good returns when you decide to start your pour in your savings as investments in mutual funds. By our analysis we have summed up some DONT’s you should certain follow and no matter how hard it turns for you to pull back your horses do remember them!

  1. Half investments are a BIG NO

We understand that when you do not see returns coming or when you cannot find any growth in something you put in our hard earned money it’s difficult to continuing the it, but if given a thought you should consider that this is NOT THE END! You definitely are ought to feel disappointed when the funds you’ve invested it show a low but hold on, they will see the expected high also and if you stop putting in your timely SIP it would disturb the expected return in the expected time, it would be a variance which would spoil all your investment planning. So even in tough times never, ever stop your SIP.

  1. The more your reap more you sow

We all would love to have all the luxuries in life let’s say if not more than this at least this when we are no more working. Moreover over the decade we all have experienced a rise in cost of our living and we can surely expect that as time passes by. So when there is surely going to be a rise in expenses don’t you think there should be a gradual rise in your SIP too? Well that’s what we advice, you should timely increase your SIP to gain better returns in future.

  1. Mutual Funds are best for Long Term

It’s the commodity market and every fund here sees it’s ups and downs so here when we speak of mutual funds, the thumb rule is looking for long term investment. When we speak of such

terms it’s the basic rule that you cannot chase behind results, trust the fund and let your money grow as planned.

It’s mandatory here to mention that mutual funds are subject to market risks please read the offer document carefully before submitting but we are pretty sure that the above tips shall help you in your journey in the market. Happy investing!